U.M.S. Viséo®, a gorgeous design, for the ability to raise the driver almost 10 feet off the ground...


 IRIS France is the french builder of the U.M.S. Viséo® french Mobile Unit Surveillance Tower, 100% electric,

which allow the driver to raise up to 4m high during is drive.


This Mobile Unit Surveillance Tower , recharges on a simple domestic plug and is intended for the Police Department and private security companies.


Generator of emotions and creates value, U.M.S Viséo® will deal differently with your security problems , prevention and monitoring actions.


U.M.S. Viséo® the french Mobile Unit Surveillance Tower.



Practical 365 days / year, Night and Day,

Versatile, Usable in all weather,the different versions of U.M.S. Viséo®
are customizable by specific equipment to missions

you want to allocate.


technicals informations about UMS Viséo
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SAS IRIS France ® au capital de 500 000€, Hiatus Group